Taking my own advice about financials here, I dropped Citibank before the purchase order went through.

DOW and GE were down slightly on the close from my purchase orders which were executed upon the week open on Tuesday, despite the stock market ramp today.


My TVIX short, however, was quite lucrative as volatility seemed overbought.

I ended the week with a 2.11% profit across the portfolio.  Luckily going unhedged against the downside weakness did not spell disaster.

Below are the buy and sell prices, per unit percentage return and overall portfolio percentage return.


DOW (long) :          $43.48             $ 43.22              -0.598%             -0.274%

GE (long)      :         $28.72              $27.12                -5.90%              -0.232%

TVIX (short):           $9.80               $9.23                  5.82%                  2.620%


Moving into next week we might see the stock market mini-rally continue, but weakness will most likely be presenting itself toward the first week of February. We’re not out of the woods yet. I will be hedged for a generally sideways move with a view to some possible downside for the next 14 days.


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