Cashed out my long positions on the Jan 26th close.  I missed some upside in the markets on the 27th but that was a possibility which was to be expected, and I had accounted for, with no open positions.  All of my portfolio positions were in the black save for DOW. My profit across entire portfolio for the 26th close was 0.63% from last week’s close.

Looking to go increasingly short as we approach the week end and go into next week.  Buying into the short position in increments as we progress into February to limit risk.

Buy in and sell-off points were as follows, the final percentage is the profit gain over the porfolio value from last week’s close:

GPRO (long) :          $10.74             $ 10.85                 1.01%                 0.11%

GE (long)      :         $28.32              $28.36                   0.14%                0.014%

DOW (long)   :         $42.85              $42.69               -0.37%              -0.040%

BHP (short)   :         $21.24               $20.86                 1.78%                  0.22%

TVIX (short):           $9.41                 $9.24                    1.81%                  0.33%

The SEA, BRSS, COPX and CP-J positions did not action as the purchase orders could not be executed for the designated price.

Moving into next week I have lined up a long TVIX position, a short AAPL position (both small) and a straddle position with options on GPRO which will expire in February.  I will be adding to the portfolio (and likely purchasing more positions before week end) as well as increasing my exposure to TVIX and AAPL as next week progresses. I am liable to lose on these positions before I gain.

In addition I made a 4.00% return on an Ethereum (Cryptocurrency portfolio) short position over the course of yesterday (27th Jan 2016 PM).  As it stands the position is now accruing interest as a short-term loan which expires on the weekend, with the counterparty liable to be investing the funds on margin.  Hopefully the counterparty risk will be minimal.


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