Following my own advice in this previous update, I went net short in the market this week.  My returns have been minimal, with small gains and losses over the previous trading week, therefore I will simply post the previous week’s total returns.  I was using this period to focus on other projects, which has ate into my free time.


Portfolio return value at start of the week of Feb. 8th was 2.836% across the whole portfolio from the starting position a few weeks ago.  As of writing this my total returns on my portfolio will be around 6.860%.  I have one small position waiting to be closed.

Overall a good week other than one misguided attempt to swing trade LinkedIn after its 43% stock price collapse on Monday- admittedly this would have been better placed via an option trade in retrospect, but I simply do not like holding derivatives. This minor trade was more than offset by positions which shorted the S&P500 and traded on dovish ECB rhetoric with respect to the financial sector (and I expect more to come.)

My holdings for the week were as follows (columns left to right, position open price, position close price, per unit percentage rise, percentage rise on previous total portfolio value) :

DXB* (long)  :         $18.79             $ 20.68               1.005%              0.351%

GE (long)       :         $28.01              $28.45                1.570%              0.245%

LNKD (long) :         $111.25             $108.70             -0.229%           -0.479%

TVIX** (long):           $10.95               $12.32              12.511%           3.715%

*Sold out in two lots- one larger and one smaller between Tuesday and today to mitigate downside risk.

**Bought in two increments to increase exposure.


My cryptocurrency portfolio returns are up by 6.46%.  A near-term bubble appears to forming in ETH.  More on this next week.


The currency pegs which are fixed to the US Dollar looks increasingly unsound at present.

I will be looking at ways to trade this in future, in a manner which mitigates risk.



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