With tensions over immigration becoming increasingly visible across the entirety of Europe and no retreat in flows of immigrants, it seems that the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, may have negotiated the removal of the Calais “Jungle” immigrant camp with the European Union.

The camp which has formed as a result of individuals trying to get across the English Channel in order to access the British welfare state has been forcibly removed by French authorities.  This illustrates the growing crisis of politics emerging from the extreme financial burden which these immigrants are placing upon public expenses.  Furthermore, with the British referendum on exiting EU membership (coined BREXIT in the press) looming, it is likely that immigration to the UK will be in retreat until at least June 23rd.

Lack of control over immigration flows is one of the major reasons for the UK population wanting to exit the EU.  It is quite likely that the removal of the camp was outlined as one of the major issues in David Cameron’s recent meeting with Brussels.

As of August 2015, according to one report approximately 75% of the British public wanted to reduce immigration in one form or another.  Immigration has only become an increasingly salient issue in the months since.


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